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Monday, April 24th

4:30pm Thomas & Kyndall

4:45pm Tippy Toe

5:20pm Savannah & Miranda

6:00pm Beginner Tap & Ballet (Frozen Ballet Costume FIRST)

Tuesday, April 25th

4:30pm Macie, Nay Lily

4:50pm Zoe, Gracie, Ava

5:10pm Ella, Adalynn, Madison

5:30pm Bria, Camey, Brynlei

5:50pm Disney

6:30pm KK, Veronica, Aliah

6:50pm Neverland


Wednesday, April 26th

4:30pm Skootah

4:45pm Youth

5:00pm Trail

5:20pm Respect

5:45pm Thy Will

6:30pm Nothin On You

7:00pm Queens

7:20pm NaNaNa

7:30pm Mighty

Thursday, April 27th

4:30pm Level 1 (White Ballet Costume FIRST)

5:30pm Level 2 (Teal Contemporary Costume FIRST)

6:15pm Hip Hop 1 (Pajamas: ON YOUR OWN)

6:45pm Hip Hop 2 (White & Jean type clothing: ON YOUR OWN)

Hair can be however you like (up, down, curly, straight... however you like!)

If you do not plan on purchasing portraits, PLEASE come anyways, so that I can have a picture of the entire group.

Please be dressed and ready at your scheduled time.

This means costume & shoes on, hair and make up complete.

We cannot wait on you, since we are on a very tight schedule.

Parents please wait in the lobby area. Space is limited in the studio with props and sets.

This will be enforced.

You will view and be able to purchase your portraits approximately 3 weeks following.

Dates to be announced.

***There will be no normal classes this week, except for Friday, April 28th!***

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